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Airsoft Skirmish

Skirmish Airsoft is the UKs premier airsoft venue, providing exciting and action-packed airsoft.. With state of the art facilities and the latest in AEG, Skirmish Airsoft really is the number one for airsoft!

Interested in playing airsoft with Skirmish? Why not have a look at our fantastic venue buy choosing a website below which is nearest to you.

All venues take both rental and own gunners, so whether you're an airsoft veteran or new to this exciting game, you'll be welcomed by our management team, and looked after no matter your experience.

Airsoft Sheffield
Looking for exciting, action-packed airsoft warfare near Sheffield? Then this is the site for you. Offering the latest in AEG technology and facilities, along with acres of forest to use to your advantage, our airoft venue is certainly not to be missed.

Airsoft Chesterfield
Airsoft in Chesterfield has never been so exciting. Take advantage of our excellent price packages and impecible venue to ensure you have a day you'll never forget. Duck and dive between the undergrowth and experience mil-sim at it's finest.

Airsoft Mansfield
Located just a short drive from Mansfield, Airsoft Mansfield is the only Skirmish venue in the area. With use of the varied terrain, you'll be in the thick of the action as you battle it out in the undergrowth and forna of this fantastic venue.

Airsoft Nottingham
Nottingham has never seen airsoft like this before. Located just to the north of Nottingham, this venue is something that will take your breath away. Whether you're bringing your own gun, or looking to rent from us, you'll be sure to have an exciting day and have you wanting more.

Airsoft Lincoln
Bringing a fresh new venue to Lincoln, Skirmish Airsoft provides exciting, action-packed Mil Sim airsoft that both newbies and veterans enjoy. Boasting a huge woodland with varying game fields, this really is a venue that shouldn't be missed!

Airsoft Newark
Airsoft Newark is the leading airsoft venue in the area, providing you all-out, action-packed airsoft warfare right on you door step. Book now and don't miss out on some fantastic offers and membership discounts!

Airsoft Barnsley
Our Barnsley airsoft venue is the talk of the town! With a breathtaking array of maps and games to be played here, you'll never get bored of skirmishing with Skirmish Airsoft Barnsley. Take a look now at our latest photos and keep up to all the latest airsoft news over at our website.

Airsoft Doncaster
You'll be ducking, diving and dodging airsoft BB's in our all-our airsoft warfare venue in Doncaster in no time! Booking is simple, and you can bring along your own AEG and equipment. New to the game? You can rent the gear from us; try before you buy!

Airsoft Derby
Located just outside of Derby, this incredible and simply breath-taking venue will chuck you right into the undergrowth as you prepare for an all-out skirmish battle!

Airsoft Norfolk
Introducing our amazing and exciting airsoft venue in Norfolk! Prepare for all out jungle and urban war-fare as you dodge the barrage of BB's, taking your team to victory!